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IMMUNO LIFE PVT LTD was founded by renowned directors who have 25 years of experience. Company manufactures, exports, supplies, and trades of Quality Oriented diverse Products. We commercialize a diverse portfolio of Animal Feed Supplements, Pet Feed Supplements, Poultry Feed Supplements, Food supplements, Ayurvedic medicine, and anti-covid-19 products. Within a very short period, it has got good visibility and many of its Products have been well established due to the acceptance by customers. Based on their needs for maintenance of good health of the Animals, the Poultry Feed Supplements manufacturers in India continue to offer Nutritional & Growth Promoting Products in various Therapeutic segments.

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  • We commit ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
  • We explore new potential, making the most of our inventiveness.
  • We track individual growth, always driving ourselves further
  • We responsible for the effects of your actions, and willing to explain or be criticized for them
  • Working to achieve standardized performance by maintaining the quality standards


Our mission is to “manufacture safe, reliable and efficient Ayurvedic Products in the complete hygienic & eco-friendly environment”. This we achieve to introduce the widest range of formulations that deliver the highest standard healthcare services to all segments of society.


Immuno‘s vision is to be a key global pharma company with an increasing focus on ethics, innovative research, unmatched quality and service through affordable and accessible healthcare.

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