Sucessful Entrepreneur Jouney : Punam Gupta

Sucessful Entrepreneur Jouney : Punam Gupta

In today’s society, practically everyone has entered race of working hard and earning money for sake their well-being. People are growing more susceptible to illnesses as the proportion of the population that is healthy has decreased. They’ve lost their capacity to function efficiently. But do you know why we’ve seen such a big drop in the life ratio? It is due to the current food quality. Even at family gatherings, we constantly hear our elders exclaim, ‘Khana to Humare Zamane Me Hua Karta Tha’ but, when we eat the same meal, we become perplexed and often think, what exactly is the distinction? The disparity lies in the level of Food quality.

You’ve read about the success stories of many entrepreneurs, authors and people from many walks of life. In the COVID-19 era, many people dedicated their life to take care of the afflicted. But this is a remarkable talk about a superwoman who emerged as a front liner, addressed an overlooked societal issue and is striving to make the world a healthier place to live; being yourself in this world requires bravery. This is the narrative of a promising and multifaceted lady who is a living example of nationalism, generosity and humanitarian work.

This is Mrs. Punam Gupta’s story, a powerful, ambitious entrepreneur and social worker who took control of her life and entered the arena of serving the community. She is a professional trainer for Food Safety.
She has an extensive experience of more than 25 years in the Food and Manufacturing Industries. She has instructed more than 8000 people as Food Safety Supervisor and trained thousands of people for Awareness for COVID-19 on behalf of FSSAI. She also serves as the Founder Member of the Together We Can Foundation, an NGO with a focus on Food Safety, Body/Organ Donation, Animal Welfare, Environment Safety and Employment Generation. She is the Proprietor of reputable firm OCTA LIFE SCIENCES which manufactures and exports Veterinary Feed Supplements, Ayurvedic Products and Herbal Cosmetics & Neutraceutical.

She is the Director of IMMUNO LIFE PVT. LTD. which deals in Veterinary Feed Supplements, Ayurvedic Products, Herbal Cosmetics & Neutraceutical. She is the head of the non-profit organization NAP Welfare Association, which is focused on the Ayurvedic and Neutraceutical industries.

Most individuals want to tell their stories, but those whose actions are recounted by others are fortunate. Punam Gupta belongs to that category. She possesses a sense of uniqueness; she is an effective social activist who has always aspired to contribute to her nation. Her story teaches us that hard work is like climbing stairs but luck is like taking a lift. The lift can be stopped at any time but the stairs always ascend to greater heights.

She was born and grow up in a very educated and disciplined middle-class family. Her father was a national server who was in the Air Force and her mother was a teacher. Being from a small town, after completing her graduation, she was expected to get a job. But this wasn’t anywhere near the goal lifting of Punam. More than anything else, she wanted to make the most of her life. In a way, to serve nation is her ultimate life goal.

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