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Punam Gupta’s life story is an inspiring tale of remarkable achievements a social worker, top entrepreneur in Ambala, FSSAI trainer. It all began with her participation in the Swasth Bharat Yatra, and her journey took off when she was recognized as the 2nd Trainer for FSSAI Trainings. She earned the Best Health Care Startup Award as Director of Immuno Life Pvt . Ltd. and her entrepreneurial spirit shone as she was shortlisted among 6,000 candidates in the Agri India Hackathon.

Punam’s expertise in FSMS Certification, FSSAI projects, and Dairy Board collaborations demonstrated her leadership in food safety. Pharma Ratan, Nari Shakti, are the award received by the social worker Punam Gupta. Also her role as a General Secretary in a healthcare-focused NGO, highlights her commitment to causes. 

Punam Gupta is an inspiration for today’s youth and she is also the buzz among the top entrepreneurs in Ambala.

Social Worker Punam Gupta’s Ventures

Top entrepreneurs in Ambala and across India are influenced by Mrs. Punam Gupta
enterprising journey. She is running 4 ventures currently.


Quality Services & Training Pvt. Ltd

A renowned venture that provides products and services to help companies get ISO 220 certification, FSSAI license registration, and more. As implied by its name the organization has helped businesses enhance statutory and regulatory demand, and ensure food safety & quality. Quality service and training PVT assist in enhancing knowledge and practice and ensuring the quality standard of the product.

Together We Con Foundation

Together We Can Foundation

Founded in 2019, “TOGETHER WE CAN FOUNDATION” aims to work on food safety awareness training and education, environment protection, employment generation, and
children's and women's welfare. “Together We Can Foundation” is an NGO registered in India under the Companies Act 2013. The NGO has organized many seminars to encourage people to become entrepreneurs and self-sufficient by launching their businesses, franchises, distributorships, etc. The slogan of the foundation is “Heal Others With Your Help”.

IMMNOU Life Pvt Ltd

Immuno Life Private Limited

Immuno Life Pvt Ltd is another edition of social worker Punam Gupta’s entrepreneurial journey The company crafts and sells Ayurvedic health products that nourish the human body, mind, and soul. Using tried-and-true substances, the product from Immuno Life will enhance your health journey while tapping into the healing power of nature.

Life Sciences


Founded in 2010 by the Social Worker Punam Gupta, “Octa Life” is a trailblazer in the field of Veterinary Feed Supplements. It is dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality products that are created strictly under GMP standards. Additionally, it offers outstanding services at cheap prices.

Employment Background

Punam Gupta

Social worker Punam Gupta holds a remarkable professional background. She has multiple skills. Aside from her social work career, these are her areas of competence.

  • 20+ years experience as a Strategic Planner, trainer, quality assurance and implementation of QHSE management systems.
  • In May 2020, Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd. was founded by social worker Punam Gupta as a startup: a renowned herbal, and ayurvedic products manufacturer and supplier brand.
  • 10 years in Quality Management Systems Certifications and Auditing services.
  • Experience in Business Development leadership and planner.
  • A skilled strategist, planner, and implementer with experience conducting quality audits to provide certifications.
  • The top entrepreneurs in Ambala is also an excellent communicator with remarkable relationship management skills.
  • Mrs. Punam Gupta is a renowned and among the top entrepreneurs in Ambala.
Trisha Nandi
Trisha Nandi
Punam gupta ma'am is a great mentor.
Mahika Bhardwaj
Mahika Bhardwaj
An excellent mentor and an awe-inspiring social worker with a ver y great cause.
Yashika Mudgil
Yashika Mudgil
Ma’am is very kind and nice and it’s a great experience working with her.
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh
She is very hardworking and down to earth nature wise and it’s is pleasure to work with you mam❤️
Pranvi Jain
Pranvi Jain
She's a great mentor who is also very ambitious and inspiring.
Aditya Jindal
Aditya Jindal
Great mentor
Samridhi Gupta
Samridhi Gupta
Great working environment 👍
Parisha Bareja
Parisha Bareja
A great mentor and guide. She is an inspiration for the entrepreneurs and social workers.



Frequently Asked Question

We’re here to Change your Business Look

As cleared by the name- Quality services was established to provide Quality training and services to Individuals for their entrepresial growth. Our top-notch Food Safety Supervisor Training programmes have improved the abilities and understanding of trainees in India(the journey continues, with the figure growing), making us a top training partner associated with FSSAI/FOSTAC. We are pleased to possess FSSAI and QCI Membership licences, which allow us to undertake comprehensive Third Party Audits in food safety. We use our significant knowledge in these areas. The venture’s commitment to providing value-added services has consistently led clients to success, making Quality Services a trusted partner for diverse industries. 

In reference to Octa Life, we have extended our consideration beyond humankind to include the care of animals, as they are also living beings. Our goal at Octa Life is to promote and manage the health and welfare of animals. To enhance animal health and breeding ability, we have created cutting-edge veterinary feed additives in the form of mineral blends, fat boosters, liver tonics, toxin binders, calcium supplements, and more.

Being a concerned citizen and a social worker my mission is to make India a healthier nation where people’s health becomes their utmost priority. I am very concerned about human health. The revolution began with the Pandemic in 2020 (Covid) and I was touched by the people’s conditions. So many died, having prior allergies and low immunity. This was the start of my Immuno, where I was committed to making Indians fight in odd situations like pandemics and any viral or allergic issues with their strong immune. Several products were crafted and tested in the form of food supplements and herbal wellness products, personal care products for hair and skin, liver tonics, and cough syrups more. Beyond human well-being, our commitment extends to crafting numerous products for animals under the Immuno brand, ensuring the holistic care of your pets’ lives

My love and compassion for society’s welfare have been inherent, and I have been thoughtful about societal changes and enhancements since my childhood. I love social changes where I am continuously and will add my abilities and potential to the reinforcement of society throughout my life. We have established an NGO, “Together We Foundation,” registered in India, dedicated to initiatives such as food safety awareness training, environmental protection, employment generation, and the welfare of children and women. In tandem, our various ventures are committed to ensuring the well-being of both humans and other living beings. Under the banner of Immuno, we have introduced revolutionary products catering to overall human health, along with specialized offerings in vet and pet care to ensure optimal well-being.

Several seminars and awareness programs are inclined towards Women’s empowerment, Animal awareness, Organ/ body donation drives, Food safety awareness program and employment development.

No Punam Gupta does not belong to an affluent family. She is a middle-class family-born woman. Where most of her life is spent on society’s welfare and awareness. She is first generation entrepreneur and a well-known social worker cum influencer. Inspiration from her Mother and brother has become blessed and she challenges all obstacles that come her way on the path to her social journey. She was motivated by her family and where not forced to become a common woman who pursued her own goal and earned for herself. Her contribution is unique in terms of societal changes.

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