Welcome to Together we can Foundation

TWCF, established in 2019 under the Companies Act, 2013, is a prominent NGO in Ambala, Haryana, led by the dynamic Mrs. Punam Gupta, who wears multiple hats as a dedicated social worker, entrepreneur, and serial entrepreneur while serving as the president. TWCF’ diverse mission encompasses Food Safety Awareness Training and Education, Organ/ Body Donation, Environment Protection, Employment Generation, and Children and Women Welfare. Over the past three years, TWCF has thrived, emphasizing transparency and action. Through motivational entrepreneurship seminar, the Ngo encourages self-reliance. During the challenging COVID-19 LOCKDOWN, they provided employment opportunities and distributed protective gear to healthcare workers. Mrs. Punam Gupta’s expertise as an FSSAI consultant enhances the organization’s endeavors. Online contributions are welcome, and supporters can find bank account details for their convenience. Join TWCF in driving positive change and funding impactful projects

Our Programs

Awareness Program

Our NGO conducts an awareness program to educate and engage communities on important social, health, or environmental issues, fostering positive changes and empowerment.

Animal Welfare

Animal welfare encompasses ethical and humane treatment of animals, focusing on their well-being, protection from cruelty, and promotion of their physical and emotional health.

Cluster Development

Cluster development is a strategy fostering economic growth by grouping related industries in a geographical area, sharing resources, and promoting collaboration for mutual benefits and competitiveness.

Organ/ Body Donation

Organ/Body donation is the selfless act of giving one’s organs or body after death to saves lives through transplantation, medical research, or education, promoting medical advancements.

Women Empowerment Program

Join us in our mission to be the part of change and to empower women and create a more inclusive and equitable society. Through the range of initiative, we aim to create a world where women’s have confidence, skills, and opportunities to thrive in all aspects of life.

Food Safety

A food safety program ensures safe, hygienic food production and handling, preventing contamination, illness, and promoting consumer health through standards, inspections, and training.

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