Why Poonam Gupta turned entrepreneur with Immuno Life Private Limited

Poonam Gupta, a social worker and widely recognized as the best and most successful entrepreneur in Ambala and beyond, is a significant force in positive change in the nation. Her experience as a devoted social worker and successful serial entrepreneur shows how to seamlessly integrate business acumen with community welfare.

With over two decades of experience, Mrs. Poonam Gupta’s versatility has been a defining feature of his profession. Her experience as a Strategic Planner, Trainer, and Quality Assurance specialist is reflected in her commitment to maintaining QHSE management systems. For the past ten years, she has led the way in quality management system certifications and auditing services.

Poonam Gupta, a social worker, is in charge of her four businesses, all of which have significantly impacted different facets of society. Companies can comply with legal standards by registering for an FSSAI license and obtaining ISO 220 certification through one of her organizations, Quality Service and Training Private Limited.

Another edition of the social worker Poonam Gupta entrepreneurship newspaper, “Together We Can Foundation,” is a well-known non-governmental organization that promotes general well-being, food safety, employment development, and environmental preservation. The foundation promotes entrepreneurship through its seminars, which highlights Gupta’s commitment to the community’s well-being.

Educating a Generation

Poonam Gupta turned entrepreneur with Immuno Life Private Limited and is the founder of Octa Life Sciences, the director of Quality Services & Training Pvt. Ltd., the director of Immuno Life Pvt. Ltd., and the creator of the Together We Can Foundation. Poonam has won several honors and recognitions during her more than 25 years of professional and business career. She  has received a certificate of appreciation for social work from the District Legal Services Authority (DLSA), Ambala; also, I was recognized as a Second Rank Trainer all over India Performer by the FSSAI. 

She had always dreamed of opening her own company, where there would be no time constraints, since she was young. She still craves achievement the same way. Poonam Gupta attributes her incredible four-decade journey to her ambition and deep interest in business and entrepreneurship. She has experienced the patriarchal culture and male dominance in society. “She had consistently encountered this issue as a woman in numerous industries.” Regardless of how diligent and committed a woman is to her career, society does not want her to perform in front of or ahead of men. Aside from that, she also had financial difficulties. 

Motivated by The Foundation of Immunity: A Comprehensive Strategy for Empowerment:

The name of the company, Immuno Life, is a reflection of this noble goal. Immuno Life quickly realized it needed to expand its product line after initially concentrating on Ayurvedic and herbal cosmetics. They developed into a comprehensive supplier of vital health supplies, such as masks, hand sanitizers, and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits—important tools in an extremely dire situation. Immuno Life’s flexibility and commitment to meeting changing needs during the epidemic demonstrated its responsiveness and devotion to the general public’s well-being. This guarantees that the company’s prosperity results in concrete advantages for the community, demonstrating a goal that goes well beyond maximizing profit and the society’s success.

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